We are so glad that you are visiting our webpage. This is the place if you are a “twenty something single”, engaged, married for five months or 50 years. We exist to equip you in the life stage you are in. Click through the options below that will help you connect!


If you’re looking for information on Life Groups for your children or students, click here.

College & Career - Brad & Julie Ables

Family Life Center 167

Out of high school and/or college, but not feeling like an adult yet? This is for you. Young, fresh teachers, and several social events throughout the year. 

Ages 18 - 24

Young Marrieds - Mark and Lydia Sharpe

Family Life Center 202

Recently married? No children? Maybe you have a newborn or children in Pre-school? This class is geared for young couples who are navigating through the “joys” of early marriage to come together and share burdens and encouragement. Be prepared for baby showers!

Ages 20s - 35

Paul and Nancy Rose - 30’s and 40’s

Family Life Center 205

Have kids in elementary, middle, or high school? You’ll fit in here. Most of these class members have navigated the early years of marriage and finally have kids out of diapers! Come enjoy lively discussion, and fun social family events throughout the year.

Ages 30s - 40s

30’s, 40’s, and 50’s - Mark and Mary Cass Stewart

Family Life Center 203

This class is the next step from the 30’s and 40’s class, as most of these members have children in middle, high, and college. Some even have kids who have graduated college (but don’t call them old!) This class has lively discussion each week, and is active throughout the year with socials.

Ages 30s - 50s

40’s, 50’s, and 60’s - Lee and Jennifer Downing

Family Life Center 201

Don’t let the ages fool you, this class is young at heart and feisty in spirit! Most of these members have college-aged children, or children who are starting their own families. You’ll find a lot of happy young grandparents in here. This class is also active throughout the year with class get-togethers.

Ages 40s - 60s

The Melting Pot - Kenny and Linda Burdette

Family Life Center 204

The class name says it all! This class is made up of folks of all ages, 20’s through 70’s! This is a fun group who isn’t afraid to say what they really believe. (They get that from their teacher.) What makes this class so special is the inter-generational model where the “seasoned” class members can encourage the younger ones, and where the younger members help keep the older folks feeling young!

All Ages

50’s and 60’s - Nick Phillips

main building Room 158

This class is made up of members who are nearing the joy of retirement, or have recently retired. Most of these members are grandparents and enjoying this time of life.

Ages Late 50s and 60s

60’s and 70’s - Jim Orr

main building Room 159

This class is mostly retirees who are still on the go! They are very active in the life of the church, and have several class events scattered throughout the year. You will find a place to plug-in if you join this class.

Ages Mid 60s and 70s

60’s and 70’s Part 2 - Bill Gross

main building Room 160

Did I tell you that we have some fun retired church members? This class is full of folks who don’t quite understand the word “retired.” They are very involved in the life of the church, many of their members will be found around the church mowing grass, painting walls, making dresses, and so much more. You won’t get bored in this class.

Ages Mid 60s and 70s

70’s and 80’s - Peggy Murdock

main building Room 163

Don’t let the ages fool you. Mrs. Peggy has to stay on her toes with these “old timers.” They are so full of the Lord that one of them got bit by a mosquito and the mosquito started singing “There’s Power in the Blood.”

Ages 70 and above

Anglers - Joe Swaim


Mr. Joe likes to say, “The only way you promote OUT of his class is when you promote to Heaven!” This group of senior adult men take their Bible study and prayer time serious, but most of this class is very active in the life of the church as well.

Ages 60 and above, Men only

The King’s Daughters - Karen Quinton

Family Life Center 200

A fun & diverse group of women: single, married, widowed, divorced. Be

prepared to laugh, learn & cry together. This class typically uses curriculum geared especially for women.

Ages 20 and above, Ladies only

Seekers - Elaine Gay

MAIN BUILDING Conference Room

This class consists of women in all walks of life. Some are still working and raising families, some are newly retired, and some have been retired for years. Be ready to laugh, because this class has some fun, and crazy, ladies in it! 

Ages 40s - 80s, Ladies only

Homemakers - Sallie Adams


This class is full of retired ladies who don’t know how to slow down. They love doing class socials together, but leave the men at home! They are always planning their next event together, and also are very engaged throughout the life of the church. They are lovingly referred to as the “Golden Girls” class thanks to their fun personalities. 

Ages 80 and above, Ladies only

BYKOTA - Linda Johnsey


What is Bykota mean? Be Ye’ Kind One To Another. This sweet group of senior adult ladies models that in every aspect of their lives. They may not be as young as they once were, but they always enjoy their time together. Ages 80 and above, Ladies only

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