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We are so glad that you are visiting our webpage. This is the place if you are a “twenty something single”, engaged, married for five months or 50 years. We exist to equip you in the life stage you are in. Scroll through the options below that will help you connect!  Sunday school is the best place to get invovled, make friends, and grow in your relationsip with Christ!

All classes meet Sundays at 10:00 a.m.


If you’re looking for information on Sunday School classes for your children or students, click here.

Women Only  
Teacher: Katrina Douglas, Room 204, Ages 20+ 
Teacher: Sallie Adams, Room 162, Ages 60+
Teacher: Elaine "Sis" Gay, Room 158, Ages 40s - 80s 

Men Only 
Teacher: Bob Whitworth, Room 164, Ages 70+

Teacher: Benards & Caldwells, Room 205, Singles - Ages 18-25
Teacher: Mark Sharpe, Room 207, Ages 20s-30s
Teacher: Tyler Yawn, Choir Room, Singles & Couples of all ages
Teacher: Billy Daugherty, Room 209, Ages 30s-40s
Teacher: Michael Harris, Room 206, Ages 40s-50s
Teacher: Lee Downing, Room 208, Ages 40s-60s
Teacher: Kenny Burdette, Youth Room, Ages 40s-60s
Teacher: Mitch Kilgore, Room 161, Ages 50s-70s
Teacher: Jim Orr, Room 159, Ages 60+
Teacher: Grose, Gatlin & Smith, Room 160, Ages 60+
Teacher: Peggy Murdock, Room 163, Ages 70+

*100 Classroom Numbers - Main Building, 200 Classroom Numbers - Family Life Center

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